– Everything Flows
Get into the flow, make it yours. Panta Rhei is a magazine for young travelers who love nature and low budget journeys. Our pages will inspire you before the trip, guide you during the trip and leave you with memories after the trip. 
Panta Rhei is the result of six students collaborating to design and produce a travel and lifestyle magazine.
Panta Rhei wants to create a space in which the user is free to move. The expression "everything flows" embodies the soul of the editorial, which chooses to tell the story of journeys whose magic revolves around respect for nature, a simple lifestyle, and the curiosity for new cultures from an authentic point of view. "Freedom" does not refer to the possibility of going anywhere without limitations, economic or otherwise, but encourages the user towards a style of conscious travel that is deeply linked to the geography of places, benefiting from the freedom offered by space and nature itself. The proposed itineraries are chosen on the basis of the spatial connection and the lowest environmental impact. Simplicity is promoted as a core value of the magazine. Moreover, the added value of this magazine is directly entrusted to the user, who can use it and enrich it with their own travel experience, making it an object of personal use, rich in memories and emotions.
The resulting magazine has been created as a digital and a printed version. The printed version includes an empty section to be used as a travel journal; in the digital version however, this section has not been included, as it is not consistent with the overall concept. The travel journal section of the magazine is to be understood as a craft space of expression, a place to pin and compile the information collected during the trip. It therefore needs to be physically used with an equally important tactile and manual experience. The digital version can be understood as a reduced demo, for those only interested in editorial content.
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