During the summer course 'Co-Design of Digital Health Innovations' at Uppsala University I created a prototype for an app together with students of the public health sector. This app is supposed to encourage physical and social activity together with your dog. 
The app is targeted towards dog owners that want to find motivation to exercise themselves and their dog. The effect would ideally be a healthier everyday life for the owner and the dog as well as a more social lifestyle. The exercise and the socialisation would have a positive impact on the user, both physically and mentally. The tone of voice of the design is positive affirmation and celebrating achievements. A safe space without the feeling of shame or guilt should be created. 
At the final presentation of our project we received positive and valuable feedback from professors and experienced innovators together with the suggestion to continue working on the application. Due to the overwhelmingly positive reception and our beliefs in the project, part of our group decided to get in touch with the Uppsala University Innovation Centre to take this idea further.
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